Digital Marketing horror stories: 2020 edition

Happy Halloween! Digital marketers don not fear ghosts, witches or haunted houses. Did you know that? Well, let me share with you what we fear the most:

The wasted potential

It’s all around us…almost every time we close our eyes we can remember or relive this tale! There is always that story about a customer who doesn’t really see the need to go digital. Maybe because the business is doing well, (which is great) so for that business owner that would be no need to change a little bit. As digital marketing experts, it really haunts us because we know that there is so much more potential for connection and engagement in the internet.

The Ghost of the Buyer Persona

It couldn’t be Halloween without a proper ghost story. Well, the ghost of the buyer persona is the main one for us. A buyer persona is someone’s ideal customer/consumer bu unfortunately not all companies have a clear portrait of who their target is. It haunts us (pun intended!) coming up with a plan or strategy without deeply know who we need to engage with.

Monday Morning

Who likes Monday morning? Just kidding 😉 For us Mondays are always hectic because of all the meetings, reports, lists and infinite requests that accrued in our inboxes during the weekend.

‘I want to go viral!’ type of requests

We all wish we were behind the guy on the skateboard, drinking cranberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac. But just like memes, fabricating a viral moment is nearly impossible. Besides, we should never base a campaign in 3 seconds of fame 😉

Do you see yourself as a character in any one of these stories? Well, if you do then please reach out because we can break you free from this haunted estate 😉

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