A Podcast & Webinar Marketing that gets you results even when things are hard!


Podcast & Webinar Marketing

Podcasts and webinars have been prominent in the past few years and have grown exponentially in 2020, as new mediums consumed by people locked up in their houses and as a way for influencers, brands and companies to reach and engage their audience.

But how to promote your podcast and webinar exactly? Well, it might be something new-ish but Studio7, as a digital marketing agency, has a tactics that is both effective and engaging.

By combining optimization on iTunes/Spotify with content for social media marketing, audio conversion, email marketing and much more, you will make sure more people are reached! And because there is a lot that needs to be done, between copywriters, designers and social media marketers, Studio7 has come up with a package so you can focus on your great stories and content and we can focus on promoting it and making sure it looks entertaining, informative and professional.