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The Backstory

Zapala Go is a startup founded in 2015 and focused on providing a cloud-based solution for the removals, transport and logistics industries.  As a start-up with a free trial period and subscription business model, they are in constant need of companies that are struggling with organization and scheduling of jobs to convert these companies into new customers.

The Solution

Like many other startup companies, Zapala Go needed to attract more leads, so the main goal here  was increasing access to their website. Because for startups the free trial period is extremely important to prove to these potential customers that your solution will help them, the customer experience  during the trial also needed to be redesigned. 

With that in mind, Studio7 proposed a strategy that involved a new and optimized website, a PPC campaign, an explanatory video, new templates and content for the onboarding process during free trial, email marketing campaigns and even more content to be added to their help centre.

The Results


Increase in sign-up for free trial


Increase in conversion rate from free trial into paid subscription


Average open click rate for email marketing campaigns

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